Slide 1 of 51: Planet Earth is home. But it’s not always home, sweet home. In fact, some areas are downright deadly. Others, while not deadly, will give you goose bumps and make the hair on the back of your neck stand up at just the thought of them. These aren’t the places you see on postcards or in calendars. They’re not the place to propose to your partner, be alone at night, or frankly, be alone at any time of the day. From harsh, natural elements that can inflict all kinds of harm to manmade places featuring human bones, or worse, doll parts, these are some the most frightening spots in the world. Visit if you dare.Slide 3 of 51: Half Dome is about a 15-mile round trip hike with incredible views of Yosemite Valley and the High Sierra, but what it is most famous for is the cable section of the hike. The Half Dome Cables are two metal cables that help you to climb the last few hundred feet to summit. Injuries are common.Slide 2 of 51: Aptly nicknamed “Death Road,” this winding one-lane dirt and in some places, paved, road in South America is considered the world’s most dangerous. About 200 people die each year on this rural road running from the Andes down into the Amazon. Not only does the road lack guard rails while fronting 2,000 feet drops, but it’s also commonly covered in fog so visibility is poor, at best.ww